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OZKAN Interactive is web design studio with expertise in search engine optimization,
online brand building, social networking and other aspects of promoting a brand or
marketing a product to the millions in the global market place.

SOS Children's Villages - USA
SOS Children's Villages - USA
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OZKAN interactive is a division of the OZKAN International. OZKAN International is located in the heart of the digital revolution in New York City. OZKAN Interactive has been established in the fall of 1996 before most realized the true power of the Internet and the online marketing.

OZKAN Interactive helped many small business to access the advantages of the Internet also helped many more businesses to improve and skillfully develop their marketing for the new online marketplace. Internet is a new universe of opportunities and growing at a pace that hard to keep up unless you have the right tools and the open mind to see the countless advantages.

OZKAN interactive is a digital solution provider for the organizations who understands the power of Internet and want to take full advantage of this effective marketing vehicle.

OZKAN interactive expands the boundaries of an Internet site by combining expert human and technical intelligence to deliver more powerful results.

OZKAN interactive analyzes what Internet users are using and how, and then integrates these trends into future projects, creating a service that stays up to date over time.


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